Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thelma C Harbor Site

 KMM recently received the architectural drawings for the Thelma C Interpretive Exhibit. The permanent exhibit will be installed on the downtown harbor spit adjacent to Oscar's Dock. If all goes well, KMM hopes for construction to begin in 2013 and for the exhibit to be complete by early 2014.

Plans call for the Thelma C to be installed on the grasssy slope above the water, midway between the dock in the foreground and the green navigation buoy at the far end of the grassy slope.

 The two images to the left and below are from the architural drawings of the planned exhibit site. Note the two levels to the exhibit- an upper level allowing visitors to look onto the deck, and a lower level allowing closeups of the hull, propeller, and rudder. Ramps on either end allow access to the lower level.

Fresh Paint

Freshly painted hull and wheelhouse
Newly constructed flying bridge
 After a summer of salmon fishing for many of the volunteers, staff and board members, things are happening again on the Thelma C. Volunteer Marty Barton, a longtime Kodiak boat painter, donated his time over several weeks to paint the hull and wood trim.

The boat will remain at Kodiak College over the winter. Over the next few weeks wooden hull boat support runners will be installed between the boat jacks and the hull,  and bracing will be constructed in the fish hold. Over the winter, the galley will be cleaned up and repainted as well.

In the short term, KMM is planning a Thelma C Fall Volunteer Cleanup on Saturday, October 20th, to sweep up the sawdust and wood chips, stow unused materials and ship's hardware, and generally tidy up the shop for the winter.
Freshly painted stern